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I understand that no two bodies are alike; therefore I create a massage experience that caters to your body's individual needs. Depending on your condition or request, I may integrate a variety of techniques and modalities designed to address your concerns at the time of your treatment. The combination of techniques and modalites is what I call a "Chi Moshi Massage".


As part of my service, I provide you with knowledge of self-administered pain management techniques such as stretching, strengthening exercises and the use of heat and/or cold therapy along with massage tools you can use at home or work to help you continual feeling the benefits you received during our session.

Chi Moshi Massage

Depending on your circumstance or request, I may integrate a variety of techniques or modalities such as: Myofacial, Deep Tissue, Sports, Swedish, Reflexology, Bamboo, Thai or Shiatsu massage to design a treatment for your specific body needs at the time of your appointment.


My treatments can help alleviate back/neck pain and improve range of motion, stretch weak or tight muscles, help athletes prepare and recover from strenuous workouts or events, increase joint flexibility, lessen depression and anxiety, improve circulation, reduce spasms and cramping, relax and soften injured, tired and overused muscles, relieve migraine pain and support much more.

Session             Cash/Credit Card

60 minutes                 $100/$115 

90 minutes                 $150/$170

120 minutes               $200/$230



Sessions              4 Pack/8 Pack

60 minutes                 $360/$680

90 minutes                 $540/$1020

120 minutes               $720/$1360

When purchasing 4 and 8 Packs, you may use either cash or credit card and receive the same discount.

Prenatal/Postnatal Massage*

When performed by a trained and certified professional, like myself, many methods of massage therapies are both safe and effective during all stages of woman's childbearing experience; prenatally, labor and postpartum. Massage enhances the function of muscles and joints, improves circulation and general body tone while relieving mental and physical fatigue.

Session             Cash/Credit Card

60 minutes                 $100/$115 

90 minutes                 $150/$170

120 minutes               $200/$230



*I do make home visits for prenatal clients only, for an additional fee.


Mommy-To-Be Package    $260 ($55 savings)

(1) 90 min. Prenatal Massage          

(1) 60 min. Postnatal Massage     

(1) 20 min. Infant Massage/Demo


When purchasing this package, you may use either cash or credit card and receive the same discount.

Children Massage

The results of several studies showed that infant massage alleviates the stress that newborns experience as a result of the enormous change that birth brings about in their lives after leaving the womb. Both premature infants and full-term babies need the relaxation that comes from massaging and moving their limbs and muscles. Massage provides the relief necessary to disperse gas, ease muscle spasm, calms infants with colic, tone the digestive system and help it work efficiently.  The stimulation a young child receives during a massage can also aid circulation, strengthen muscles and relieve constipation.  For tweens/teens struggling with the growing pains of adolescence, massage helps to balance unstable hormones and can relieve anxiety by producing a state of relaxation.*

Session                       Cash/Credit Card

Infant (20 min.)                               $25/$30 

Children under 14 (30 min.)        $50/$55


* Excerpts extracted from To learn more about the benefits of massage visit

Upgrades can be added to any sessions in 15 min. intervals at $25 per interval.

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