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  • Patti (Saturday, February 06 16 03:52 pm EST)

    What a fantastic start to my morning. The massage was just amazing and Myra is such a warm and lovely person. I can't recommend this experience enough--treat yourself to something special!

  • Melanie Kozol (Wednesday, November 04 15 09:26 am EST)

    I had the most wonderful Massage with Myra. I was suffering from sacroilliac joint pain which made my entire body hurt. When I left all of my joints felt looser and calm. I will definitely come back
    and recommend Chi Moshi Massage Studio to my friends. Myra has the most wonderful disposition. I also loved just chatting with her.

  • Brenda bardwell (Friday, October 30 15 05:58 pm EDT)

    This is the best massage I have ever had. Amazing. You must try it. I am booked in every two weeks, why not I deserve it.

  • Wallis Morris (Thursday, November 20 14 01:18 pm EST)

    My massage with Myra was amazing! I am 38 weeks pregnant and this was the first pre natal massage I've had that felt worth while. She took the time to consult with me before and after the massage to
    ensure I got the most out of my experience. I will be coming back for more massages. It was the best I've had in NYC.

  • Romy (Saturday, September 27 14 08:02 pm EDT)

    After my first massage with Myra I was hooked! And I've been back regularly ever since. Myra is wonderful and her studio is a warm and soothing environment where you feel immediately at home and
    relaxed. She is extremely knowledgeable, and highly skilled at reading your body, always knowing just where and when to focus during the massage. But she also listens carefully and works together
    with you to address any specific concerns or problem areas. I've struggled with long term lower back and neck pain, and my experiences with her have been transformative, in body and spirit.
    She also recommended specific stretches to help between appointments, patiently reviewing the correct postures with me.
    I highly recommend her for any serious therapeutic work you might need, as well as just an amazing, restorative, and relaxing massage!

  • Lauren Shookhoff (Sunday, May 04 14 06:28 pm EDT)

    Myra is wonderful. I went to her today for an hour-long full body massage and it was perfect. She took time before and afterwards to talk about areas of concern and how I might work on them in
    between visits. I can't wait to go back to her soon!

  • Linda Hill (Saturday, March 01 14 11:42 am EST)

    From Santa Fe, to Manhattan, I have experienced a wide range of adequate to excellent massages over the years but Myra rates as the best in my experience. She is both a highly skilled professional
    and a sensitive, giving individual. The worst part of this long, cold winter has been the fact I could not get to a couple of my regularly scheduled appointments. Another reason for spring to arrive!
    Don't miss out on a great massage. Give her a call and bring a little spring into your life!!!

  • Maris (Wednesday, February 05 14 08:19 pm EST)

    Being treated by Myra was life changing for me. She used techniques I had never experienced before and I left my appointment feeling utterly renewed and more relaxed than I've been in as long as I
    can remember. She undid the buildup of stress and tension in my body from pregnancy and 8 months of caring for an (increasingly heavy) infant. On top of feeling great, the day after my massage I had
    more energy than I've had in many, many months. I can't wait to go back.

  • Krysta (Friday, January 10 14 04:15 pm EST)

    One of the best massages I've received. Myra was great to work with - she was very welcoming, listened to what I wanted to work on, and then followed up after the massage to discuss areas of tension
    for me and what I could work on to help. Really wonderful experience and I would highly recommend to others!

  • Holly (Saturday, December 21 13 10:45 pm EST)

    Myra was so welcoming and relaxing. The utmost attention was paid to all my problem areas that developed over the course of my pregnancy. I loved the side stretch technique she used because it showed
    how much I really needed it. She is an amazing person to talk to, too. Thank you Myra!

  • Katie (Sunday, December 08 13 07:40 pm EST)

    One of the best massages I've ever had. Fantastic attention to detail and to the needs of my body. Also, such a relaxing space and room! My experience with prenatal massage therapists has been that
    they are nervous with a pregnant body and they don't end up doing much. This wasn't like that at all - I felt cared for and restored, stretched and de-knotted. We also talked afterwards about where
    I'm holding tension and how I can work on that in between massages. So helpful! I left feeling incredible. Highly recommend getting a massage from Chi Moshi! I'm going back!

  • Pete Simpson (Sunday, October 13 13 11:43 pm EDT)

    Myra's just great. On first visit, a warm welcome, thorough and smart pre-massage screening, sensitivity to special requests/sore spots. Will be back for sure!

  • Marci (Sunday, September 08 13 09:01 pm EDT)

    All the comments are true! Myra was great and I walked away from the session feeling so relaxed. I got the sense that she really cares about her clients. She definitely made herself stand out from
    the rest by offering me freshly sliced apples and water after my session. Then followed up with a personalized thank you email with some recommended stretches for my particular back issues. I'll be

  • Lorraine (Sunday, June 23 13 11:41 pm EDT)

    my massage with Myra was amazing. I am so impressed with the level of dedication, service, skill and knowledge. I will make a massage with you a standard part of every visit to New York.
    I would highly recommend the services atChi Moshi to anyone.

  • Milan H. (Monday, May 13 13 08:04 pm EDT)

    It was comforting and relaxing. The therapist checked in to make sure I was ok and made adjustments to the pressure as needed. Afterwords I felt literally, like all the weight was lifted off my

  • david (Tuesday, April 30 13 03:44 pm EDT)

    I had a wonderful experience at Chi Moshi. Myra is an accomplished and compassionate masseuse. I felt well taken care of from the moment I stepped into her studio. Highly recommend.

  • Chef Shana (Monday, April 22 13 10:00 pm EDT)

    Myra at Chi Moshi was wonderful! Pregnant with my second child with an active 1 year old at home a 90 min massage was just what I needed! The setting is warm, inviting and quiet. The service was
    relaxing and healing (i think I fell asleep!)

    I will be returning!


    Happy Customer!

  • Natacha (Sunday, April 14 13 09:05 pm EDT)

    A french shiatsu practitioner (for more than 20 years), I really needed to releive heavy tensions & tireness & have been so lucky to meet Myra & her wonderful hands. I highly recommend
    her professionalism, welcomeness and deep understanding of body & soul. Even her studio is rejuvenating. Myra seems to me a real healer. I can't wait to receive my 3rd & 4th sessions !

  • Ty (Thursday, April 04 13 09:24 am EDT)

    I thoroughly enjoyed my entire experience at Chi Moshi - from setting my appointment, to my massage, to kind conversation - Myra and Chi Moshi staff were pleasant and friendly, and my massage by Myra
    was the best I've had in NYC. As a massage therapist myself, I'm very picky - Myra's knowledge, experience, technique, intuition, personality and energy all met or exceeded my expectations.

  • Tiffani (Monday, April 01 13 12:09 pm EDT)

    As a new mother, I definitely needed to feel relaxed. Myra greeted me warmly, offered me a calming cup of tea, and asked questions about what I wanted to accomplish with my massage. The massage room
    was tranquil and my massage was wonderful. I was sad when it ended! I will definitely recommend Chi Moshi to my friends.

  • Kenzie (Friday, March 22 13 08:58 pm EDT)

    I love Chi Moshi! I'm 5 months pregnant and it's helping me through these changes so much! The atmosphere is welcoming and tranquil. I always leave feeling refreshed and excited for my next
    appointment! Thank you!

  • Amma, Yoga Instructor (Sunday, March 03 13 08:14 pm EST)

    My experience at Chi Moshi was exceptionally pleasing to my spirit and soul. I was greeted at the door with such warmth and enthusiasm. The studio had a very calming and relaxing effect.

    My massage was gentle and yet firmly executing the points and muscles needed to be worked on. I wasn't ready for it to end. I will definitely come back on a regular basis. Thank you, Myra for such a
    healing experience.

  • Pompey (Friday, March 01 13 12:25 pm EST)

    Regarding my massage at Chi Moshi, Myra is the greatest Massage Therapist. She’s first professional, but also very warm and friendly. After discussing my needs and expectations over a cup of warm
    tea, she delivered an amazing massage. She applied just the right amount of pressure as discussed before hand and quietly addressed any problems (knots or tense spots) she found. The soreness I felt
    from doing back to back spin classes and weight lifting was gone. I walked out feeling relaxed and energized. It was a most wonderful experience. I would recommend Chi Moshi/Myra to anyone….will be
    back next week.

  • Maria (Ft. Greene mom and doula) (Tuesday, February 26 13 01:34 pm EST)

    I was so happy with my experience at Chi Moshi. The studio is a lovely,
    light-filled, soothing environment, and Myra, my massage therapist, was
    wonderful. I told her the area where I thought I carry tension, and she
    accurately pinpointed an entirely different area. I left feeling light and
    free, and in the days following could really feels the good work Myra had
    done. Myra has a wonderful energy and a fabulous touch!




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